Brothers of Metal

Det här är ett band som vi helt enkelt inte behöver presentera närmare. De har spelat flera gånger tidigare på festivalen samt även på den årliga Sabaton Cruise några gånger tidigare.

På förra årets festival var de headliner på förfesten.

Men att spela på förfesten 2019 fanns visst inte i bandets planer…

Läs deras uttalande här:

Yes, we are back.

We felt that the battlefield 2018 wasn’t big enough for what we bring. Warriors dropped their weapons and apparently some polish berserker even got her mead knocked over. We can’t have it like that so we said to the festival, we need a bigger battlefield for our warriors.

After seeing the total destruction of the party tent the festival agreed. We bring the music, we bring the axes and we bring the fight. What we ask from you is no small task, you have to bring the spirit of a warrior, your warrior friends, and all the mead you can drink.

If you do that, we know that together we can once and for all win the battle of Sabaton Open Air. 

Stay true warriors! / Brothers of Metal