Bands 2019


We’re proud to welcome the very forefathers of doom metal – Candlemass – back to Sabaton Open Air. With the whole genre taking its name from… [—>]

Rave The Reqviem

RAVE THE REQVIEM, hailing from Kalmar, is an industrial metal act whose creativity knows no bounds. With heavy riffs, hard beats, catchy choruses and majestic symphonies,… [—>]


GAUPA (lynx in swedish) is a rock band from Sweden, Falun.With surreal lyrics, an energetic singer, and a sound of progressive stoner rock with doom/folk/psychedelic influences,… [—>]

PreHistoric Animals

PreHistoric Animals is a two man prog/alternative rockband from Sweden. Samuel Granath (Pound) – Drums and keys and Stefan Altzar (Billy the Zombie kid, Pound) –… [—>]

Frozen Crown

Have we got enough power metal on the bill for Sabaton Open Air 2019 yet? We think there’s always room for more, so please welcome Italy’s… [—>]

Kardinal Sin

We’re going from one “sin” to another at Sabaton Open Air: from Liv Sin… to Kardinal Sin! This Swedish melodic power sextet started life as an… [—>]


Heavy metal band Liv Sin from Stockholm, Sweden, was founded in 2016 by singer Liv Jagrell after the demise of her previous band Sister Sin. They… [—>]



NORTHTALE​ was founded right here in Falun, at Sabaton Open Air 2017! Falun native and vocalist Christian Eriksson, and American/Brazilian lead guitarist Bill Hudson met when… [—>]

Riot V

Let’s make rock history at Sabaton Open Air as Heavy Metal Hall of History inductees Riot V join our lineup in Falun. The band, then called… [—>]

War of Thrones

War of Thrones’ debut album “Conflict in Creation” may have been seven years in the making but it was worth the wait, bringing together talent from… [—>]


This newly formed line-up of music professional veterans performs a modern alternative metal which they mix with “blues, electronica and euro disco” – all according to… [—>]


It’s Christmas, so it’s time for a very special treat now as we welcome a living metal legend to the Falun stage – Udo Dirkschneider and… [—>]


What’s that we hear? Is it the crashing of thunder and the ominous drumming of the four horsemen’s hooves drawing near…? No it’s not the Apocalypse… [—>]


For our next Sabaton Open Air announcement we are taking a journey to Italy… and specifically into a deep green woodland where all sorts of magical… [—>]

Crystal Viper

Polish Hussars, have we got a treat for you at Sabaton Open Air 2019, with Poland’s own Crystal Viper! Crystal Viper – who played here six… [—>]