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Heavy metal band Liv Sin from Stockholm, Sweden, was founded in 2016 by singer Liv Jagrell after the demise of her previous band Sister Sin. They released their debut album “Follow Me” in 2017… [—>]

Riot V

Let’s make rock history at Sabaton Open Air as Heavy Metal Hall of History inductees Riot V join our lineup in Falun. The band, then called Riot, started life as a hard rock band… [—>]


Ahoy metalheads! If you were hoping Gloryhammer’s addition to our lineup might mean keyboard player Chris Bowes other band would be here too, we’ve got good news for you… Sabaton Open Air is pleased… [—>]


Moscow’s Arkona is the next addition to the ever more exciting lineup for Sabaton Open Air. Founded in 2002 by frontwoman Masha “Scream”, this folk metal band tells tales from ancient Slavic mythology and… [—>]