Beyond the Black

It’s probably every new band’s wet dream to get a gig at a big European festival when you’ve just started playing together and before the debut album is even released. It actually happened to… [—>]


Trying to place Amaranthe in just one of all metal genres that now exist, is as difficult as finding the famous needle in the haystack. Depending on who you ask or where you read,… [—>]

Unleash The Archers

Why settle for less? Why put your music in one box and stick to only to one genre – as there are plenty of genres that creates fantastic music? Well, Unleash the Archers thinks… [—>]

Burning Witches

What could be more appropriate during Halloween than present BURNING WITCHES as next band to Sabaton Open Air 2020? Before Christianity conquered Europe and replaced our original traditions with their own, the time around… [—>]