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We’re proud to welcome the very forefathers of doom metal – Candlemass – back to Sabaton Open Air. With the whole genre taking its name from their 1986 debut album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, this… [—>]

Frozen Crown

Have we got enough power metal on the bill for Sabaton Open Air 2019 yet? We think there’s always room for more, so please welcome Italy’s Frozen Crown! They’re fairly new on the scene… [—>]


This newly formed line-up of music professional veterans performs a modern alternative metal which they mix with “blues, electronica and euro disco” – all according to Rocknytt, the largest rock and metal website in… [—>]


Even Sabaton needs to be officially announced to play for each year’s festival, although it may seem obvious. Anyway, Sabaton will certainly be Saturday’s main act in 2019, and any details about their special… [—>]