“Skinny Cat with Whiplash has Nightmares” This might have been an introduction of the five members in DEATHSTARS in case you hade a lousy sense of humor. 
However, that does not apply to us.… [—>]


The metallic element Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals and has an extremely high density. Translated into musical terms, we can easily say that TUNGSTEN, which visits Sabaton Open Air in… [—>]


It will indeed be quite interesting to see what songs EQUILIBRIUM will perform when they return to Sabaton Open Air 2020. The usual folk-pagan-viking-metal is history nowadays, since the dawn of the bands sixth… [—>]


Few are the bands that make their audience go through such a register of emotions the way CyHra does. A wildly good sound lays the foundation for a great musical experience. The band’s unique… [—>]