VIP tickets available

Limited VIP tickets are now available! This year we have chosen to do these as upgrade tickets, which means that no matter what other regular festival ticket (4, 3 or 1-day) you have purchased,… [—>]

Spotify Playlist 2020

Subscribe to the Official Playlist today! As soon as a band get’s announced, some songs from that band will be added to this playlist. The perfect way to keep up 2 date, and to… [—>]

Lost & Found

All items found will be handed over to our staff in the Ticket Exchange and can be found there until midnight Thursday, Friday & Saturday, and between 12:00 & 14:00 on Sunday. Not picked… [—>]


Due to the new Swedish law (2018: 2088) on tobacco and similar products from 1 July 2019, there will be a ban on smoking throughout the festival area and in direct connection with the… [—>]

Deaf Rat

DEAF RAT opens the curtain on a sinister but oh so-tempting stage set from a dark musical with massive guitar riffs and strong melodies. This is the band that fills up the cracks in… [—>]


Today we can reveal the dates for the 2020 festival! The rockparty in Falun, Sweden will rage between Aug 5-8:th next year! As you may have figured out already, it’s one week earlier than… [—>]