It’s time to focus on our western neighbor, Norway! Sirenia was founded in 2001 by Morten Veland from Tristania, with a clear intention to take everything… [—>]


Our next act come from the very far East, the kingdom of the sun, and ancient times (1980’ies…) to amuse us on Sabaton Open Air. Japanese… [—>]


Trying to place Amaranthe in just one of all metal genres that now exist, is as difficult as finding the famous needle in the haystack. Depending… [—>]

Freedom Call

There is no need to hang down your head after Sabatons last tune echoes in the night at Sabaton Open Air in August. All of you… [—>]

Follow the Cipher

In case you visited Sabaton Open Air back in 2017, you might have seen this quintet on stage before. Their gig back then was highly appreciated… [—>]

Van Canto

A fresh breeze in the metal swamp at Sabaton Open Air – this is what German VAN CANTO stands for. If you have seen them before… [—>]


The year is 2015.On a dark, moonlit night the melodic metal band METALITE forms on the streets of the barren Swedish capital, Stockholm. That very year… [—>]


MYRATH – EXCLUSIVE SHOW IN SWEDEN 2020 One of Africas greatest metalbands – the Tunisian quintet MYRATH – will do one exclusive show in Sweden 2020:… [—>]