First of all, thanks for consider working at Sabaton Open Air.

Now we have to sort out what area you would like to work in, and a little who you are!

Please fill in the form below, and choose one or more of the areas.
The team leader(s) will get back to you with more info, or further questions, within a week or two.

We also need some basic information from you. Please fill in all mandatory fields, and make sure the E-mail you enter is valid. Otherwise we would have a hard time get in contact with you, and that's really bad. :)

All information you provide stays within the organisation of Sabaton Open Air of course!

Do i get payed?

No, but you will be given free meals & soft drinks + coffee while working + a cool T-shirt + access to the festival area during the whole festival for free.

All we ask in return is your help for approximately 24 hours. Before, during or after the festival. All depending on what area you would like working in, and the team leaders scheduling. If you wanna do even more hours, please let your team leader know.

Please note. It can take some time before a team leader gets back to you due to many different reasons. But we aim to get back within a few weeks from the date you applied.

Also note that you have to be at least 18 years old to work at Sabaton Open Air.

Every crew member will also be insured during their working hours!

Read more in our Privacy Policy here!