Thursday Aug 4

Few are the bands that make their audience go through such a register of emotions the way CyHra does. A wildly good sound lays the foundation for a great musical experience. The band’s unique cohesion and humor directed both at each other and the audience, makes one laugh out loud. And the seriousness of several of the lyrics really moves you.

But the main feeling is still the summary: the overall satisfaction. CyHra has taken us all by storm with its mix of heavy guitar riffs, epic drums and fierce vocals ever since its 2017 debut ”Letters To Myself”. The album was actually nominated as the Best Debut album at the Metal Hammer Awards!

Several tours later (including with Sabaton in the U.S) they have also settled live. We are talking experience here; Jake E, Jesper Strömblad, Euge Valovirta and Alex Landenburg. (In Flames, Shining, Amaranthe, Annihilator just to name a few of their past bands).

This summer you will get the chance to see CyHra live in Falun, don’t miss it!

Here´s a gift for you from CyHra:
Their latest video “Out of my life” from the upcoming album “No Halos In Hell”!