Dark Tranquillity

Thursday Aug 4

Surely we need some melodic death metal on the lineup this year, don´t you think? 
And has it not been a little rare with the early ”Gothenburg sound” on our stages lately? 
We have decided to change this and now welcome DARK TRANQUILLITY to Falun this summer!

Hopefully they arrive with some new songs. Of course there is nothing wrong with their older material either, as all of you know who have followed Stanne and the guys since the band’s founding back in ´89. 
But Stanne has lately stated that he is in the songwriting mode as we speak. New melodies for the band’s upcoming album. So, we´ll see…

DT is known for consistently reinvent, and stubbornly move on in the soundscapes and create melodic death metal at it’s very finest.

Don’t miss this on the magical August evening this summer, it will be (insert any cool word here yourself)