Thursday Aug 4

“Skinny Cat with Whiplash has Nightmares” This might have been an introduction of the five members in DEATHSTARS in case you hade a lousy sense of humor. ‹However, that does not apply to us. 😉

BUT – Deathstars will be visiting us in Falun in August 2021! With a new album, too! Right now, these industrial gothic gentlemen are devoting themselves to honing the last of their fifth album, which is expected to be released next summer.

They will certainly offer live classics as well, as they have a bunch of them since they started back in the year 2000. Over the years, they have managed to achieve a cult status and have also been awarded prizes for their music and performances.

So, all of you who appreciate a little dark pessimism in your everyday life, spiced up with some nice synths, uniforms and gothic industrial metal – don’t miss the Deathstars at Sabaton Open Air 2021!