Friday Aug 5

Sabaton Open Air welcome our favourite monsters back!
LORDI got an appetite for our festival and returns after six years!

Rovaniemi in northern Finland seems to be the place to be if you like costumed characters. Santa Claus lives there, as does these horror rockers. Last time they were here in Falun, they made a striking appearance, after we pushed and shoved Mr Lordi himself in the ride down to the stage. He surely is big! Larger than Santa Claus himself.

Those who know these Finnish heroes know that they offer hard rock, costumes, horror themes and great pyrotechnics. In other words, stupid to miss out. Back home in Finland, they have a town square namned after them, as well as a soda, comic books and a stamp. AND they made their very own horror movie!

And as icing on the cake they bring fresh song material to us, how about this first single from the album “Killection” – “I dug a hole in the yard for you”: