Nanowar of Steel

Thursday Aug 4

We have the honor of welcoming the parody-metal champions NANOWAR OF STEEL to Sabaton Open Air in August!

These Italian gentlemen are foolin´ about with music that most of us recognize all too well. 
The band name itself gives us a hint of what it is all about, but they also make songs with titles like “Into Gay Pride Ride” and “Master Of Pizza”. Get it?

Musically, they mix metal with, among other things, ska and reggaeton. Anything goes, as long as you can get a humorous twist and a friendly boot at everything spelled power or epic metal.

It will surely be fun to laugh out loud when Mohammed Abdul, Uinona Raider and the others enter our stage in Falun this summer.

You don’t want to miss this! And remember: always take comedy seriously. Not!