The metallic element Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals and has an extremely high density. Translated into musical terms, we can easily say… [—>]

Beyond the Black

It’s probably every new band’s wet dream to get a gig at a big European festival when you’ve just started playing together and before the debut… [—>]


“Skinny Cat with Whiplash has Nightmares” This might have been an introduction of the five members in DEATHSTARS in case you hade a lousy sense of… [—>]


They are back! The true warriors of the Northen wilderness, the almighty Haparanda Heroes in RAUBTIER. Hulkovius Rex (a.k.a Hulkoff) will bring his two fellow warrior… [—>]


Our next act come from the very far East, the kingdom of the sun, and ancient times (1980’ies…) to amuse us on Sabaton Open Air. Japanese… [—>]

Visions of Atlantis

Photos by: George Grigoriadis Photography – www.georgephoto.seClaudia Chiodi Music Photography – www.claudiachiodi.com