Rave The Reqviem

RAVE THE REQVIEM, hailing from Kalmar, is an industrial metal act whose creativity knows no bounds. With heavy riffs, hard beats, catchy choruses and majestic symphonies, they have captivated people since day one.

The band was founded in 2011 and soon thereafter signed a record deal with the Japanese label DWA who released their first two albums. Last year, the band signed a new record deal with the German label Out Of Line and joined the ranks of the industrial scene’s greatest acts.

Their third and latest album ”FVNERAL [sic]” was mixed and mastered at the legendary Fascination Street Studios, and has been praised for its innovative and limitless hybrid of sounds. The album quickly climbed the international metal radio charts, and ended up at #9 in Germany and #33 in the USA.

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