Sabaton Open Air 2021 postponed!

Due to the uncertain Covid-19 situation around the world, we have decided to postpone this year’s festival to Aug 3-6 2022.

Even if there is still a small chance that festivals in Sweden can happen in 2021 we think you deserve better than to find out at the last minute, or experience a festival with hard restrictions.

We think Sabaton Open Air should be a place for free rockers from all over the world.

Our festival has fans from over 40 countries contributing to the amazing atmosphere, with travels restricted it would simply not be the same brotherhood feeling.

All purchased tickets to the 2020 and 2021 festival dates will of course be valid for 2022!
If you want to refund them it will be okay too, an email from All Things Live will be sent out with detailed instructions. The refund offer will be valid for 30 days so there’s no rush.

If you don’t get the email within a day or two, or have additional ticket questions, please contact for more info.

We will now re-arm and pick up the already ongoing 2022 plans and continue the work to create the best damn festival so far! And we will communicate with the already booked bands to see if they all can follow us into next year.
If not, we will fill those gaps with other great acts. And as soon as we have news for you, we will tell them!

We wish you all to stay with us in these difficult times, and that we will meet in 2022 on Sweden’s finest festival venue: Lugnet, Falun!

Stay safe, and consume as much metal as possible.

/ Sabaton & Sabaton Open Air festival crew.