Due to the new Swedish law (2018: 2088) on tobacco and similar products from 1 July 2019, there will be a ban on smoking throughout the festival area and in direct connection with the entrance.

How ever.

A special smaller area will be available for smokers, and it’s located in the bar area, between the main bar tent, and the V.I.P area.

On the tent camping the ban will be isolated around the entrance, and on the first grass field where the café is located. Other tent-camping areas are excluded from the ban.

The other camping areas has no smoking ban.

All kinds of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even electronic cigarettes are effects by this ban.

Us organizers who disposes a venue, other space or outdoor area that is covered by any of the regulations of the law are responsible for compliance.

Through information such as visible signs and inspiration on our website and social media, we must clearly inform about the smoking ban and, if necessary, intervene with information and statements.

If, despite being denied smoking, where smoking is not allowed, the smoker may be rejected.

The law can be read here: But unfortunately only available in Swedish.