It’s time to focus on our western neighbor, Norway! Sirenia was founded in 2001 by Morten Veland from Tristania, with a clear intention to take everything to the next level. A task he managed… [—>]


Our next act come from the very far East, the kingdom of the sun, and ancient times (1980’ies…) to amuse us on Sabaton Open Air. Japanese LOUDNESS have been entertaining the masses with their… [—>]

Beyond the Black

It’s probably every new band’s wet dream to get a gig at a big European festival when you’ve just started playing together and before the debut album is even released. It actually happened to… [—>]

Twilight Force

Does your life lack some magic, enchantments or dragons? In that case we might be able to help you. At least if you make your way to Sabaton Open Air in August when the… [—>]


Time to present a band that brings a little more darkness to Falun in August 2020. Since the beginning back in 1989, Tiamat from Stockholm has changed genres from symphonic black metal via death… [—>]