Trying to place Amaranthe in just one of all metal genres that now exist, is as difficult as finding the famous needle in the haystack. Depending… [—>]


It will indeed be quite interesting to see what songs EQUILIBRIUM will perform when they return to Sabaton Open Air 2021. The usual folk-pagan-viking-metal is history… [—>]

Van Canto

A fresh breeze in the metal swamp at Sabaton Open Air – this is what German VAN CANTO stands for. If you have seen them before… [—>]


Few are the bands that make their audience go through such a register of emotions the way CyHra does. A wildly good sound lays the foundation… [—>]


The year is 2015.On a dark, moonlit night the melodic metal band METALITE forms on the streets of the barren Swedish capital, Stockholm. That very year… [—>]


Time to present a band that brings a little more darkness to Falun in August 2021. Since the beginning back in 1989, Tiamat from Stockholm has… [—>]

Nanowar of Steel

We have the honor of welcoming the parody-metal champions NANOWAR OF STEEL to Sabaton Open Air in August!
 These Italian gentlemen are foolin´ about with music… [—>]

Mister Misery

Blood. Candlelight. Red roses. Black velvet. The very essence of goth. MISTER MISERY, this relatively new Stockholm-based quartet is the next band out on the Sabaton… [—>]


MYRATH – EXCLUSIVE SHOW IN SWEDEN 2021 One of Africas greatest metalbands – the Tunisian quintet MYRATH – will do one exclusive show in Sweden 2021:… [—>]

Burning Witches

Before Christianity conquered Europe and replaced our original traditions with their own, the time around November,1st was known as Samhain – the night when souls could… [—>]