Sabaton Open Air welcome our favourite monsters back!LORDI got an appetite for our festival and returns after four years! Rovaniemi in northern Finland seems to be… [—>]


They are back! The true warriors of the Northen wilderness, the almighty Haparanda Heroes in RAUBTIER. Hulkovius Rex (a.k.a Hulkoff) will bring his two fellow warrior… [—>]

Nanowar of Steel

We have the honor of welcoming the parody-metal champions NANOWAR OF STEEL to Sabaton Open Air in August!
 These Italian gentlemen are foolin´ about with music… [—>]


One of the most famous metal bands in Switzerland will be visiting us in Falun this summer – we warmly welcome SHAKRA to our line up!… [—>]

Mister Misery

Blood. Candlelight. Red roses. Black velvet. The very essence of goth. MISTER MISERY, this relatively new Stockholm-based quartet is the next band out on the Sabaton… [—>]


It’s time to focus on our western neighbor, Norway! Sirenia was founded in 2001 by Morten Veland from Tristania, with a clear intention to take everything… [—>]


Our next act come from the very far East, the kingdom of the sun, and ancient times (1980’ies…) to amuse us on Sabaton Open Air. Japanese… [—>]