Freedom Call

There is no need to hang down your head after Sabatons last tune echoes in the night at Sabaton Open Air in August. All of you who still are thrilled from the music, the… [—>]

Unleash The Archers

Why settle for less? Why put your music in one box and stick to only to one genre – as there are plenty of genres that creates fantastic music? Well, Unleash the Archers thinks… [—>]


“Skinny Cat with Whiplash has Nightmares” This might have been an introduction of the five members in DEATHSTARS in case you hade a lousy sense of humor. 
However, that does not apply to us.… [—>]

Riot V

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Liv Sin

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Brothers of Metal

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Follow the Cipher

In case you visited Sabaton Open Air back in 2017, you might have seen this quintet on stage before. Their gig back then was highly appreciated – so much in fact – that they… [—>]