The metallic element Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals and has an extremely high density. Translated into musical terms, we can easily say that TUNGSTEN, which visits Sabaton Open Air in… [—>]

VIP tickets available

Limited VIP tickets are now available! This year we have chosen to do these as upgrade tickets, which means that no matter what other regular festival ticket (4, 3 or 1-day) you have purchased,… [—>]


Just a few hundred meters from the festival area is Scandic Lugnet Falun located. Your stay will be right by Lugnet’s large sports and leisure complex were you can enjoy the natural surroundings or… [—>]

Spotify Playlist 2020

Subscribe to the Official Playlist today! As soon as a band get’s announced, some songs from that band will be added to this playlist. The perfect way to keep up 2 date, and to… [—>]


It will indeed be quite interesting to see what songs EQUILIBRIUM will perform when they return to Sabaton Open Air 2020. The usual folk-pagan-viking-metal is history nowadays, since the dawn of the bands sixth… [—>]


Few are the bands that make their audience go through such a register of emotions the way CyHra does. A wildly good sound lays the foundation for a great musical experience. The band’s unique… [—>]


Photos by: George Grigoriadis Photography – www.georgephoto.se Claudia Chiodi Music Photography – www.claudiachiodi.com


MYRATH – EXCLUSIVE SHOW IN SWEDEN 2020 One of Africas greatest metalbands – the Tunisian quintet MYRATH – will do one exclusive show in Sweden 2020: at Sabaton Open Air in August! Join us… [—>]