We sell a limited number of V.I.P tickets to Sabaton Open Air each year. By 2019, a total of 200 were released to the public and they ran out very early.

In our V.I.P you meet like-minded people, partners, family & friends of us who organize the festival, those of us who organize but are currently not on duty, as well as artists who play or are invited for other reasons.

What distinguishes our V.I.P is above all a cozy area on slightly higher ground than the stage area, you can see the stages just fine from here and the sound level is (a little depending on the wind of course) a little lower so you can socialize and watch bands in a completely different way than downstairs in front of the stages.

We make sure that there is a roof over the heads of most people who have access here, and that the dedicated toilets are clean and fresh at all times.

In the bar you will find a more fun assortment than in the regular bar, and if it gets chilly at night there is indoor heating in this area.

You who choose to buy a V.I.P ticket are simply looking for that little extra for your stay with us!

You want a place to escape to, a place to breathe a little and a setting where you can choose to sit at the table and have a beer with the mates, or take a FatBoy pillow and lay out on the slope and watch a band!

In our V.I.P, just like in the other serving area for alcohol, a strict age limit of 18 applies.