Saturday Aug 7

Trying to place Amaranthe in just one of all metal genres that now exist, is as difficult as finding the famous needle in the haystack.

Depending on who you ask or where you read, they play everything between death metal, dance metal, metal core and modern pop music with an aggressive tone including electronic influences… So we won´t even go there. 🙂

It is clear, however, that Amaranthe’s music has taken a great amount of the inhabited world by storm since its inception in 2008. In case you haven´t heard hit songs like “Drop Dead Cynical”, “The Nexus”, ”Amaranthine” or made out to “Burn with me” before, then it is time to get out of that cave.

Amaranthe has also toured the world over since the start and now it is time for these Danish-Gothenburg citizens to re-visit Falun!