Curse of Cain

Curse Of Cain (COC) was created by Jonas Asplind (ex-Follow The Cipher, ex-AD Infinitum). It’s a big project and the visual part and the story is equally big as the music part. The goal is to create something bigger than just a band, a whole world, with many characters and a story so that it can grow to something bigger in the future. COC’s music can be described as metal with a dark touch! The music is written around the character Cain and his life set in a made up dystopian futuristic world. We never really see Cain; he is just a shadow in the background, the focus is on the members in the band that performs and tells Cain’s story. Sabaton Open Air will be the first ever performance by the band and marks a new beginning. The band in association with the festival will also the same day as they play on the festival released their very first song on youtube for the public. REMEMBER WHERE YOU SAW THEM FIRST!

The Band: Soulkeeper – Vocals Rainbow – Vocals, Percussion The Pirate – Bass, Vocals Timekeeper – Guitars Mechanic – Drums