Freedom Call

Saturday Aug 6

There is no need to hang down your head after Sabatons last tune echoes in the night at Sabaton Open Air in August.

All of you who still are thrilled from the music, the company, the good mood and the beer, only have to take a few steps aside and continue the party.

The German happy-power-metal band FREEDOM CALL will namely step on stage in the same moment when it becomes quiet on the arena. We have had these gentlemen visiting us before, and they are always appreciated for their music, their humor and their stage performances. So we KNOW that you guys and fellow metal heads can continue the party for another hour. Freedom Call thus ends this year’s festival in an extravagant manner!

Although unlikely, but if some of you are not familiar with this band, you will get a taste of the latest album, M.E.T.A.L, here: