Wednesday 14/8

18.00Festival opens
Kardinal SinDalaPop Stage
19.30Rave The ReqviemDalaPop Stage
PreHistoric AnimalsDalaPop Stage
21.30GAUPADalaPop Stage
22.30Deaf RatDalaPop Stage
23.45GrailknightsDalaPop Stage
01.00Festival closes

Thursday 15/8

16.30Festival opens
Signing Sessions:
16.45ManimalPrimo Victoria Stage17.00: Sabaton
18.00War of ThronesPrimo Victoria Stage18.00: Joacim Cans (Hammerfall)
19.15SerenityPrimo Victoria Stage19.00: Ensiferum
20.30BorknagarPrimo Victoria Stage19.45: Manimal
21.45EnsiferumPrimo Victoria Stage20.30: Serenity
23.15ApocalypticaPrimo Victoria Stage21.15: Apocalyptica
00.45NorthTalePrimo Victoria Stage22.00: Borknagar
02.00Festival closes

Friday 16/8

14.00Festival opens
Signing Sessions:
14.30Liv SinPrimo Victoria Stage15.30: Brothers of Metal
15.30Riot VHeroes Stage16.45: Liv Sin
16.30Crystal ViperPrimo Victoria Stage17.30: U.D.O.
17.30ArkonaHeroes Stage18.15: Alestorm
18.30Brothers of MetalPrimo Victoria Stage19.00: Bloodbound
19.45AlestormHeroes Stage19.45: Riot V [Cancelled]
21.15BloodboundPrimo Victoria Stage20.30: Crystal Viper
22.30U.D.O.Heroes Stage21.15: War of Thrones
00.30LagersteinPrimo Victoria Stage22.00: Arkona
02.00Festival Closes

Saturday 17/8

14.00Festival opens
Signing Sessions:
14.30Frozen CrownPrimo Victoria Stage15.30: Frozen Crown
15.30Attick DemonsHeroes Stage16.15: Gloryhammer
16.30UtmarkenPrimo Victoria Stage17.00: Nerved
17.30Visions of AtlantisHeroes Stage17.45: Attick Demons
18.30CandlemassPrimo Victoria Stage18.30: Utmarken
19.45GloryhammerHeroes Stage19.15: Elvenking
21.15NervedPrimo Victoria Stage20.00: NorthTale
22.30SabatonHeroes Stage20.30: Sungen
00.30ElvenkingPrimo Victoria Stage21:00: Follow the Cipher
02.00Festival closes